Verizon Home Fusion: Complaints From Verizon’s Own Web Site for Customers

If one scours the internet for comments and experiences about Verizon Wireless’ Home Fusion, one can see that my experience is typical rather than unusual. Even on Verizon’s own website for users, one can read extremely negative comments. It appears that the consumer in these cases is powerless to fight Verizon’s questionable business practices. Below is a link to such a slew of negative comments all copied verbatim:

“The home fusion internet for the whole house is an out and out scam!  The most GB’s you can get is 30.  Sounds reasonable, right?  Well, it would be if they were’nt stealing and scaming you just like they did years ago when there was’nt unlimited minutes on cell phone use.  I have performed usage tests and it’s a joke.  I could’nt understand why i was using data when not home and all equiptment completely off and not connected.  I spent hours on the phone with customer service listening to their ****, how i must have something on thats updating, how the times corresponding to my data usage are not really accurate and are just guidelines to show usage, I had enough, so i did a test.  I removed every piece from my house, i live very rural, no one is stealing my usage, i went away for 4 days.  From my hotel i monitored my usage,  everyday I was charged with .5 to .75 GB of usage!!!  lol What a foking load of ****!!! I recently switched to hughes net with the new gen 4 they offer.  I get 20 GB during prime time and I have never went over. with home fusion i had 30 GB and was over my allowance in 15 days.  Until they offer unlimited home fusion, do not use this, consider yourselves warned!!!!”

“Verizon is ripping everyone off! When they made me switch from unlimited to shared data plan, my bill grew by over $100 per month. I ask about it and they basically say too bad. So now i’m supposed to share 4GB vs unlimited to have the same bill or what? Eff you VERIZON!!!!!”


“Unfortunately, you are RIGHT ON!! The whole agenda behind tiered data plan is to overcharge customers for fabricated overage. Verizon does not and won’t show details of your data usage yet their word is final.”

“Like the others say, STAY AWAY FROM HOME FUSION BROADBAND. Verizon is stealing from people, I signed up for this service expecting to pay $60.00 plus tax a month for the 10gb plan. So the first bill comes conveniently just after the 14 day opt out period and they charge me with a $20 monthly access and the $60.00 for the 10gb. So this service runs about $88.00 a month. FALSE ADVERTISING! Then the bill states overage will be charged at $15 per gb not the $10 they advertise. Not to mention my data usage was accumulating with the power disconnected from the device. Verizon you should be ashamed. This is illegal and I will be contacting my states attorney general over this matter. Of course customer service told me I just misunderstood what I was buying, absolutely no help at all. Thanks for nothing.”

“Absolutely true I hear class action law suit comming we ordered the homefusion network the installer didnt know a whole lot but none the less the system worked after he left i had to self teach how to get the router going after that its speeds are impressive very fast to me but ive never had cable or dsl it was installed around 6pm friday so we just browsed a few pages,saturday we left early saturday night just did a few more page searches no videos to speak of sunday my daughter was doing a restore on her ipod which took a few times before it finally worked i was just surfing from my phone on the wifi it worked excellent again no streaming videos or music monday just regualr internet also watched a 10 minute you tube on removing battery from ipod tuesday we stopped at the Verizon store to see how to tell how many Gigs we had used after a long process of registering we were ASTOUNDED to find out we had already used 7.4 GIG in just 4 days without much video or music we dont have netflix, calling Verizon wasnt much help they just acted like its normal use and they are not permitted by law to tell us what the ip of the device was that was using the gig but we shut off wifi on our devices and shut off phones and ipod tuesday night we spent a few hours on the phone cancelling the installer took the boxes with him so they are sending us more supposedly it will only cost us 60 dollars for the 7 gig we did or didnt use its thier word against ours with all these data caps comming in the world its amazing how every machine has to update and do more updates just to use more data maybe they will start a green internet government scam program just to monitor sizes of web pages like sugary drink and food your allowed use these companies all seem in cahoots just to make money how convienent putting a cap but making everything bigger and bigger to download i noticed just a weather channel page was 3meg with all the animations popups and advertisements. ok enough ranting BUY VERIZON HOME FUSION AT YOUR OWN RISK-DANGER MAY COST YOU A TON OF CASH”



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